Three Month Leadership + Business Mentorship

{ By application only }



90 days of structured, highly tailored mentorship and support

Comprehensive in-take workbook

1 x 90 minute intensive assessment and goal setting session

12 x one hour weekly private meetings

Call recordings, notes, reflections and concrete action steps following each meeting

Hand-picked resources and recommendations to support your growth and goals

Unlimited email access throughout the 90 days


After I receive your application, you'll schedule a spot on my calendar so we can meet via phone or skype. We'll ask questions of one another and I'll share details about the mentorship journey and what you can expect. If you decide to proceed, I'll email your down payment invoice to you. Once received, I'll send your goal planning workbook to you.

During your first 90 minute session, we'll begin by reviewing your workbook. The goal of this session is to explore who you are, what you want to achieve, and the challenges you're currently facing. Together we'll clearly establish what we're going to work on together over the next twelve weeks. After this session you well feel refreshed and excited!


Following your 90 minute session, I'll craft your customized development program. I'll include support strategies that are centered around the specific outcomes you want to achieve and tangible results you'd like to produce. This game plan will give you relief because it will serve as a roadmap to guide us along your highly focused trajectory.


We'll meet every week for an hour at a time. These laser sessions will be check-in points where we'll evaluate your progress and celebrate your wins. During our time together we'll also highlight critical improvement areas, uncover new strategies and ideas, and establish next steps for your continued momentum. You'll have unlimited email support in between sessions.

In between our live sessions, you’ll be transforming your Life, career, and business via your customized program and the ongoing a-ha's that will inevitably emerge From our time together.

Between meetings, you’ll be fully supported via email when you need clarity, feedback and/or additional accountability.

The leadership and business mentorship program is a custom designed experience that offers a highly leveraged opportunity to accelerate the potential, possibilities, and profits in your life, career, and business.

Each program is highly personalized to meet the individual needs and desired outcomes of my clients.

I bring valuable experience + proven tools to help you with: 

Leadership mindset and strategies  

Personal branding

Communication and negotiation skills

Core message and tagline development

Content and social media plans

Organization, productivity and time management

Network and relationship building

Packages, products and pricing

Team building, delegating and outsourcing

List building and community development

Public relations and media outreach

Self-care and personal development

Traditional and digital marketing strategy

Expert positioning and visibility strategies

Three Month Mentorship // $3500

I created this mentorship because strategy, support + celebration create the structure for scalable AND sustainable success!