You are not meant for crawling.

“Too big. Too much. Too soon. Too edgy. Too expensive. Too risky.  

Unlikely. Unrealistic. Unreasonable. Unachievable.  

I don’t see it. We’re just not there yet. It can’t be done.

You’re SOOOOOOO cute! 

Are you sure? Are you crazy? Are you f-ing kidding me?” 


Rolling eyes. Furrowed brows. Tilted heads. 

Polite nods. Uncomfortable chuckles. Exasperated sighs. 

Nervous apprehension. Naked condescension.

Different varieties of discouragement,disregard,or even disdain that seem to fly in the face of our dreams, desires, and wishes.

So we opt to shrink and settle, deciding that the space of the world is somehow not ours to occupy.

We stir and stew in silence, feeling shadowed by the successes of others. 

And instead of standing tall in the truth of who we really are, we kind of crawl through life to stay out of the light we don’t think we deserve. 

But, as Rumi has said, "you are not meant for crawling." He wrote:

You were born with potential.You were born with goodness and trust.You were born with ideals and dreams.You were born with greatness.You were born with wings.You are not meant for crawling, so don't.You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.

Your moment has arrived. It’s time to fly. 

Stop apologizing for your aspirations.

Consciously commit to your curiosity.

Listen intently to your longings. 

Be bold and brazen with your big ideas.  

Stretch your soul.

Make art out of your life.

What's the worst that could happen?