The "Official" BIo

Jami is a business strategist and women's leadership coach with more than a decade of experience in marketing, communications and resource development across a variety of sectors including business, health and the arts. In addition to formal training and credentials in fundraising, change management, organizational leadership and governance, Jami is a licensed Desire Map facilitator.

Jami is the creator of the Rise by Design leadership program for women.

Deeply committed to philanthropy, volunteerism and mentorship, Jami is actively engaged in her community as a dedicated member of a number of non-profit boards, committees and professional associations. 

The Real Deal 

I am passionate about seeing women step up to their greatest potential and stretch into their widest possibilities.

I wholeheartedly believe that soulful leadership - the conscious alignment of presence, purpose and passion - expands our ability to make more impactful contributions in our lives, our work and the world.

Creating meaningful change - from the practical to the profound - happens only when we redefine success, find our authentic voice, and lead from a place of courage, connection, compassion and commitment.

How you decide to show up in the world is a brave, lovely and divine choice you get to make each and every day.